Mixwall Ltd, supposedly based in London, UK, and dba iThrough is really a subsidiary of ShenZhen City ChiAng Tech Co., Ltd. a company in The Peoples Republic of China. They supposedly sell products for Apple iphones, ipads, etc.

Beware of this company. It has no physical address and no live chat once you order something. For customer service you can either call a phone number in Hong Kong and email them. Caution - They rerely answer emails.

I ordered a case for an ipad2 from them. Their web site stated shipping, by airmail, was free and would take from 6 to 14 days (1.5 to 3.5 days to process, pack, and ship the order). If the product was out of stock it would take an additional 1 to 3 days to restock. If your item was out of stock and you did not want to wait, you could cancel the order and receive a refund.

My order was placed on August 30, 2011. My credit card was charged on August 30. By September 8, my order was still listed as processing. I began emailing iThrough. My first email went unanswered. The second received a response that the item was out of stock. After that I sent a series of emails requesting that they kindly cancel the order and credit my account for the amount they had charged me. Most emails went unanswered. Those that were answered only contained an apology, nothing stating they would cancel the order or issue a refund or credit.

Finally, on September 16, iThrough sent an email stating that my order had shipped. They sent a tracking number and web address for a tracking company in China. Upon going to the web site and entering my tracking number, the only thing I found was that my package was in the Netherlands. Funny, I'm pretty sure that in order to send an air mail from Hong Kong to New Jersey, USA, you don't have to go through the Netherlands.

At any rate, it is now October 19. My package has still not arrived and I have still received no refund and no credit to my account.

CAUTION: DO NO PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM iThrough (http://www.ithrough.com/). It is a bogus dishonest company that has no problem taking your money, but will absolutely deliver nothing but aggrevation, frustration, and anger.

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:( Shocking company - Goods never arrived and promised a refund which still hasnt arrived in my bank after 2 months of waiting and many emails!

****AVOID**** :(


They do seem a little sleezy.

I ordered four battery's on 5/12/2012.

I began wondering where they are about four or five days ago.

Since I couldn't get a response from them I went to my credit card site and found they charged me $38.40 on 05/02/2012 and then did a complete refund the same day.I got no notification, no response nothing.

For those stating how good PayPal is about taking care of fraud, you are correct.

I have an issue with Visa, MC, Discover etc on fraud. However I've had an American Express since 1980 and I've had many issues regarding fraud.

AMX always comes through for me. I won't even consider using any other card on line. So for fraud protection. Use AMX for double protection use PayPal and have PayPal pay with your AMX with bank for backup only.


I spent 157 on a military laser and the order has been processing forever. Lets find these guys and get our money back!!!


I had an order with them recently, cancelled by them after I sent an email to find out why it was stil"processing" 2 weeks after ordering, Oops! We have to cancel, they said.

Out of stock. Replace it or refund? After that I sent an email for refund....nothing for 2 weeks. I finally opened a dispute with Pay Pal.

All of a sudden I had 3 different Cust. Service people emailing at the same time. I don't think they want Pay Pal disputes/claims on their as**es. PayPal will shut em off, and I found out that in China they can't accept debit cards.

Without PayPal, they would lose most of the good ole USA's $$'s!

ALWAYS use PayPal if you can, they WILL get you(or give) your money back. But the CS Rep who I had been dealing with was a snotty little***** who seemed to think it was funny that I was so pissed that they had my money, until the PayPal thing.

:x :zzz :( :( :cry :cry :roll :grin


I tried to buy a couple of headphones and had the same issues with the web site. I quickly looked up their reviews, saw how bad they were and called my credit card company.

My card was already on alert. They charged my card $33 twice under a company name of MixWall LTD. I had the charges removed and the account shut down. A week later they somehow charged my new account $33 twice again.

I am disputing the charges again. I haven't received any headphones and its been a month.


I had a similar experience. I began an order and there was an error before it completed, although i had submitted my credit card information.

I then changed my mind about ordering the item so I didn't try the transaction again.

Two weeks later and my card has been charged, but there is not order on file. The charge was ~$2.50 so I'm not making a fuss, but this is obviously a front for a dishonest operation.


You are right, I order a micorphone for my pc. It's been over a month, and I have not recieve it, and my credit card has been charged.


They just tried to get $258.00 USD from my Amex card and I never heard of this company and did not order something at 4am in the morning. I declined the charge as Amex is real good at protecting my account. Watch your credit cards carefully.




I'm having the same issue. Order was placed January 8th.

Today is February 24th, and my product has not yet arrived.

I sure wish I had seen this page before placing my order!


Same here... they do not reply any e-mail and their phone number just doesn't work. Awful service, awful company, avoid them!


I am having the same issues..

I denied charges with my credit card company!!!


I am having the same issues..

I denied charges with my credit card company!!!


..........and Master Card tacks on a "Foreign Transaction Charge", albeit small.

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